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Wal Marts Entry Strategy Into China Management Essay

Wal Marts Entry Strategy Into China Management Essay Concerning Porters PEST hypothesis, the paper expects to look at Wal-Mart section system into China, and show whether seeking after a joint endeavor procedure was vital to Wal-Marts outer development inside the Far East. The paper is arranged comparative with past scholarly examination articles and decides to add to the writing, meaning to develop past work while giving an understanding into business choices and aim that should be viewed as when entering new markets. The paper will mean to respond to two inquiries according to Wal-Mart business technique as found in the investigative hypothesis segment, offering an inside and out comprehension and scrutinize concerning Wal-Marts Far Eastern endeavors: Did the Political, Economic, Social and Technological impetuses favor Wal-Marts system into China, and; In view of the discoveries from the PEST investigation, was Wal-Marts choice to receive a joint endeavor passage technique possible? Part 1 1.1 Introduction Wal-Mart Inc. is positioned on a worldwide scale as one of the biggest retail organizations around the world, with a market capitalisation of 192.38billion ( and deals in abundance of $108 billion and profit for each portion of 96 pennies (Smith, 2009). This joined with its situation inside the Top 5 of the Fortune 500 Index and the effects of the continuous credit crunch make it a connecting with subject to explore. In this paper I mean to expand on the ideas inside the subject of universal business methodology, tending to Wal-Marts own system in their choice to enter the Chinese Market. Business procedure inside numerous worldwide associations assumes a fundamental job in accomplishing an ideal degree of key administration (plan) and Wal-Mart is no special case. Wal-Mart like numerous organizations is quite certain in its business plan, which Pereira (2002) immediately recognized, as setting up strength in the home retail showcases (US), worldwide extension/initiative and a helpful brand creation (Pereira et al, 2002). In light of Pereiras view of Wal-Marts system, by attempted Porters PEST examination taking a gander at Political, Economical, Social and Technological, the discoveries will be lined up with respect to Wal-Marts strategy on joint endeavors. It will expand on past scholarly exploration articles and hypotheses, recorded in the writing audit with the point of understanding the key choices Wal-Mart has embraced concerning its worldwide extension. These choices support the section technique Wal-Mart has received to go into the Chinese market, Wal-Mart is sending out its retail adroit east to Asia with stores opening in China (Halverson, 1994, p1). The paper having sketched out the general idea of PEST when considering market section, will at that point close with a diagram of the passage system taken by Wal-Mart in China dependent on this PEST examination. 1.2 PEST Analysis Irritation is a business instrument that was created by Michael Porter (1980s). It is utilized by firms to comprehend changes inside the large scale condition concentrating on 4 fundamental elements, Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Social event data dependent on these four parts PEST is utilized by firms to address their key situating, arranging and promoting choices. The significance of a PEST investigation as per articles composed by Glaister and Falshaw, is that PEST thinks about the essential segments of the outer examination of the organization, prompting considered perspective on the chances and dangers confronting the firm (Glaister and Falshaw, 1999, p112). By differentiate different kinds of examination, for example the TECOP model, bring into the business and hierarchical hazard angles into the investigation. (www., p25) However with the end goal of this report a PEST investigation is the most suitable. The perspectives on PEST, joined with Porters own hypotheses on firm conduct according to nature, the strain to change is more regularly ecological than inner (Porter, 1998, p52) embodies why adjusting a passage methodology to a PEST investigation is, for some organizations, vital. Wal-Mart is a run of the mill case of this, featuring the significance of thinking about each of the four perspectives before settling on a choice. Wal-Marts improvement and choices dependent on its entrance procedure are unequivocally adjusted to the essentials of PEST. The layout underneath shows this: Part 2 2.1 Literature Review There are numerous past examinations and writing, which use Porters PEST investigation as a device to understanding section choices. This audit will plan to develop these and utilize the ideas to offer an assorted comprehension of Wal-Marts worldwide extension methodology inside China. From a worldwide point of view, the retail division is one of the greatest and most serious markets, the sum and assortment of types of universal retail activities have expanded in late decades (Dawson, 1994, p39). Having set up in 1962, Wal-Mart has been no special case to this example, Wal-Mart is both the universes biggest retailer and enterprise estimated by its income (Dobson, 2004, P89). As Wal-Mart has deliberately evolved, the need to adjust and develop a worldwide methodology and adjust it to the outside condition has been crucial. Wal-Marts worldwide development and situating inside new markets with the key aim of procuring an upper hand against other retail monsters, for example, Tesco and Carrefour regarding piece of the overall industry, exemplifies this, since 1994, Wal-Mart, the greatest retailer on the planet, has been one of a scope of American 'new configuration retailers causing ruin in remote retail advertises (Hallsworth and Evers, 2004, p1). The writing gives a knowledge into why firms exist where they do. Vermin is a device used to increase a comprehension of market development and decay (outside to the firm) and accordingly assists with deciding the perfect key situating for an association. As Langlois and Robertson expressed, an organization when managing any business system must set up the limits of control corresponding to their associations scale and degree (Langlois et al, 1995, p7). On the off chance that this isn't built up forthright, any arrangement around firm situating gets hazardous and as Lamont has expressed in his work, and specifically concerning Wal-Marts worldwide local methodology, this has been the situation in certain zones. Wal-Mart, Lamont contends has committed a few errors in making a decision about the significance of financial, social, and business chances inside neighborhood nations (Lamont, 2002), which thus has kept them from situating themselves in certain nations as a fruitful retail fir m. Numerous European urban areas like Germany for example have stayed with the littler retailers like Spar and Lidl as their needs and decision are not as various as the Chinese requests. Further writing develops the issues of an absence of comprehension of the outside condition. For example, Lamont, Kottoli and Schaefer scrutinize Wal-Marts European passage technique comparable to the basics of PEST. Lamont gets on the monetary examination and contends that more significant expenses and expanded rivalry was a wellspring of Wal-Marts disappointment in nations like Germany (Lamont, 2002). Kottoli likewise joins the discussion and contends social inhumanities turned into the boundary to Wal-Marts achievement, which thusly backs up Schaefers speculations identifying with why Wal-Mart had the issues it did. Wal-Marts powerlessness to adjust its home belief systems to its worldwide objectives because of the board issues, language obstructions (social), showcase information and political guideline all additional to its choice to re-structure and auction its misfortunes (Schaefer, 2006). This said doing a PEST examination on Wal-Marts Chinese endeavor turns into a fascinating activity, in light of the fact that, while Kottoli, Schaefer and Lamonts contentions are for the most part trustworthy for Europe, others trust China offers a one of a kind point. A PEST investigation will give a more inside and out comprehension of why Wal-Mart picked a specific passage system for China. Goldstein in his composing indicated how Wal Marts way to deal with China contrasted from past passage methodologies and that it has really encountered a component of achievement (Goldstein, 2003). It is at any rate despite everything present extending and regarded in China and Asia, which can't be said for its advancement in some European nations like Germany. Kierney aggravates this further while expressing concerning China, Wal-Mart is immovably dug in (Kearney, 2006, p6) inside China. Other writing concurs with such a perspective and Naughton for example expresses that for Wal-Mart, China s peaks to the greatest boondocks since it vanquished America (Naughton 2006). Having used PEST to comprehend the outer condition Wal-Mart needed to build up an appropriate section methodology for China. Already Wal-Mart in Canada, as expressed by Govindarajan and Gupta, utilized a procurement procedure. The purposes for such an advancement were, that Wal-Mart confronted generally little requirement for new learning, and therefore, entering through a vital coalition was pointless (Govindarajan and Gupta, 1999). China then again presents a totally different developing business sector, which at the hour of the Wal-Mart adventure had stayed a lot of undiscovered. Considering, a coalition or joint endeavor is the best passage technique to use, as a joint endeavor permits firms to survey the serious scene with more exactness (Hamel and Prahalad, 1989). Understanding this, Wal-Mart entered China based on a joint endeavor, which profited by their past securing experience. Part 3 3.1 Analytical Theory From a point by point PEST viewpoint this area will take a gander at the individual P-E-S-T angles. It doubts whether the basic ideas of a PEST investigation, the political, monetary, social and mechanical ideas favor Wal-Mart in seeking after a passage methodology dependent on joint endeavors. It will do this by thinking about two parts of the passage procedure: 1) Did the Political, Economic, Social and Technological motivators favor Wal-Marts strat

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Epistemology and Skepticism Essay Example for Free

Epistemology and Skepticism Essay * Epistemology and Skepticism: How does The Matrix represent the test of distrust about the outer world? Clarify, talk about, and fundamentally assess the mind flight contention for complete epistemological incredulity. Be certain your exposition incorporates a conversation of either Hospers or Crumley IIs analysis of complete epistemological distrust. Is finished epistemological suspicion a sensibly rational hypothesis? Bolster your answer with an all around contemplated contention liberated from any significant mistakes of actuality, false notion or intelligent logical inconsistency. I. Presentation * The framework addresses the idea of the real world. * How would we be able to know for sure that the world is how we see it and not only a shroud over our eyes? * Explain film caught in virtual world accepting they are in 21st century * Explanation proposes question, what is genuine? II. Primary concerns. * Main Character Morpheus: â€Å"What is ‘real’? How would you characterize ‘real’? In the event that genuine is essentially what you can feel, smell, taste and see, at that point ‘real’ is basically electrical signs deciphered by your mind. † * Consequently, â€Å"How would we be able to be certain our mind isn’t being deceived by some recreation to accept things are genuine, when they aren’t? This is the manner by which lattice proposes the test of epistemological suspicion. * Hallucination contention: Modus Tollens, question sufficiency (legitimate) 1. On the off chance that we gangs information (K) we should have the option to preclude the chance of methodical mind flight (S). K S 2. ~S (the framework theory. ) (MT 1) 3. ~ K ( MT 1 2) * One arguer against suspicion: John Hospers * Merely verbal * Skeptics take solid feeling of the word information, must have confirmation consistently * Others utilize feeble sense, which means we possibly need verification or proof just when somebody is demonstrating something else. * Doubt is an unfilled word. * Basic point: when a test has been never really question we have a valid justification to trust it is valid, in this way we have information. III. End * Skeptics accept information is ridiculous, for this situation the pipedream contention demonstrates the premises are valid through Modus Tollens. Despite the fact that the contention is sound, it is reckless on the grounds that doubters accept they realize that they don’t truly â€Å"know† anything. In addition, complete epistemological distrust is certainly not a sensibly cognizant view in light of the fact that the contention being asserted would require the individual to have information to direct such contention.

Investments class (Measure for t-bond & funds historical data) Assignment

Ventures class (Measure for t-security and assets chronicled information) - Assignment Example Hypothetically, a bond resembles a stock or an offer which gives a kind of profit to its holder. It is one of the most significant sorts that goes under the ambit of fund and it is significant from the perspective of budgetary specialist to dissect the equivalent (Bodie, Zvi, Alex Kane, and Alan, pp. 44-55). There is a noteworthy relationship has been found among the loan cost and bond valuation. A rate at which the premium is paid by the borrowers in outcomes of utilizing the cash explicitly acquires from a moneylender. Loan fee specifically is a percent of chief paid by a specific sum for every annum. Financing cost is one of the most significant from the angle of a nation and it is likewise esteems a positive and huge device go under the ambit of fiscal approach. Nations with a high loan cost would not be considered as monetarily feasible in light of the fact that the expense of working together in these nations would be high. Loan fee has its own acknowledgment for the organizati ons, particularly for the new organizations who need to enter in another nation. There are number of nations which diminished its key strategy rate just to build the degree of acquiring in the economy which may expanded the money related and monetary capability of the economy all in all. There are number of techniques to esteem a bond and it is basic to esteem it appropriately, so as to build the acknowledgment. Securities rely vigorously on yields, financing costs and development arrangements. The primary point of view of this task is to respond to a portion of the inquiries identified with bond examination and valuation. There are four distinct undertakings which have been required for a similar examination. The elements of assets as for the adjustments in time has been connected to the headways or the patterns enrolled in the contemporary world. The inclination of each model against another has been pegged on the related dangers and the gainfulness that might be created from the choice of inclination. The differentiation of one model of assets to another can be introduced by means of the assessment of the methodology or strategies that are conveyed through the acknowledgment of the possible points. Other contributory elements that aid the assessment of the progressions made by a model of inclination can be sourced from the administering standards regarding commitment and membership. Common subsidizes center around pooling together dangers as far as speculation. Little financial specialists pool their money related an incentive under one crate, along these lines adjusting themselves for a fortified venture. The subtitle point that is routinely evolved through this methodology is the way that the speculation is demonstrated alongside a keen stage (Kent, Mark, Russ and Sheridan, pp. 15-20). The progression of fiscal ventures under common assets has posted critical alterations over the multi year time frame. A reflection on the annular presentation of a common store based speculator, for example, Cohen and Steers Realty Shares (CSRSX), mirrors the showed pattern. This association has been posting blended alterations in its annular income review. The flutualtion of common assets in the investigation could be broke down here with the beneath referenced table and diagram, Â Mutual Funds Close End Funds ETFs UIT Total 1995 2,811 143 1 73 3,028 1996 3,526 147 2 72 3,747 1997 4,468 152 7 85 4,712 1998 5,525 156 16 94 5,791

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Curare essays

Curare papers 1. Woowara otherwise called curare is a white powder substance getting from Surinam. Curare is an amazingly deadly toxin even in the littlest of amounts. Curare was utilized by the locals of Surinam to actuate moderate passings those that wronged them in times previously. This toxic substance was utilized from a conventional perspective, in addition to the fact that it was successful at ending life, however a message of earnestness was sent. To drink with an individual that had no motivation to presume there measurement at that point slip them the deadly medication. Similarly as they had a sense of security was all the better retribution. Circumstantially enough Silas Deane kicked the bucket from a toxin. Likewise as strange Edward Bancroft was a specialist on harms and their emblematic implications as appeared by his examinations and book of Guiana. 2. Skipper John Smith was an author that distributed his first book in 1624. Commander Smiths first book was known as A generall historie of Virginia. Chief Smith composed this book from direct, onlooker accounts. Smith did a great deal of voyaging when he joined up with the Virginia Company of London. As an essayist Captain Smith wrote in incredible detail brings up and developing now and then non-significant realities. The view smith composed from came for the most part from his perspective, while the occasion was going on, this impacted his composing style incredibly since his way to deal with depicting occasions had not been utilized previously. Individuals had an issue getting it. Early English pioneers, in spite of every one of their disparities, make them thing in the same manner as todays Americans, they are wary of progress. Like insightful with commander Smiths composing style. This various makes individuals get some information about the authenticity of his cases. Smith had an astounding quick paced life. He began as a trooper in focus Europe. In the wake of being took prisoner, where he ordinarily would have spent an amazing remainder, he figured out how to escape with the assistance of a Greek princess. This is a case of the sort of stories commander smith composed about.... <!

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VIDEO Box Bullet Method of Note Taking - EasyBib blog

VIDEO Box Bullet Method of Note Taking - EasyBib blog (1) It’s a never ending search trying to find clever hacks and new techniques to make the note taking process easier for our students. Many websites and apps offer features and tools to help stay on task and organized. One tried and true note taking method that has lasted the test of time? The good ol’ Box and Bullet Method. The Box and Bullet Method is a simple note taking strategy. There are many other types of note taking strategies, such as mapping and outlining, but the box and bullet method is one of the easiest to use. This note taking strategy requires students and researchers to extract the main ideas and supporting details from sources. Each main idea is placed in a box and the supporting details are written directly below, next to bullet points. If you’d like to show your students the power of the Box and Bullet Method, check out our brief, informative video. ? In just over a minute, your students will learn how to: Organize their paper or document Extract the central ideas and supporting details from a source Handle longer texts Help your students stay organized and successful throughout the research process by sharing our Box and Bullet Method video with them. Don’t forget to remind your students to cite their sources! Whether they’re citing in MLA style, APA, or another style, has all of the tools needed to create citations.

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Production Reduce Global Warming Example For Free - Free Essay Example

INTRODUCTION Global warming is defined as temperature increase world wide due to green house gases emission and cause deletion to ozone layer [1]. It mainly occurred due to the burning of fuel, Green house gases include chloro- fluorocarbon (CFC), carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide, methane, sulphur dioxide. Carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxides are the major gases that cause global warming, co2 and so2 are mainly emitted from the burning of fossil fuel. Bio fuels are replaced for petroleum or fuels from fossils and they emit very low amount of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide [2]. The bio-fuels are also used as the either partially or totally substitute in vehicle engines [3]. BACKGROUND Bio-fuels are the fuels obtain from plants ( And these fuels are gaseous, liquids or solids. Liquid bio fuels are categorised into bio diesel, bio alcohol and bio Ethanol[4].ethanol is bio-fuel, is mainly produced from corn while alcohol distillation. Ethanol is a produced more from sugar cane and maize as compare to the corn [5]. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF CASE: (Are bio-fuels a feasible option? By Jose Goldemberg, Patricia Guardabassi) According to the case, Brazil is one of the highest producers of ethanol from sugarcane (Goldemberg, 2007).Ethanol is a good alternative for gasoline (Moreira and Goldemberg, 1999),ethanol produced in brazil from a sugar cane can be used as a substitute for gasoline(Mathews, 2007), If ethanol is from agricultural product it does not contain any impurities like sulphur dioxide which commonly found in fossil fuels and proper practices of agriculture reduce green house gases(Goldemberg, 2007), united state states producing ethanol from maize leads to deforestation (Laurence (2007) ),reduction of greenhouse gases cannot reduced only by decreasing but also decreased by environmental indicator factor like deforestation and reducing ash (Searchinger et al. (2008)).when compare with gasoline produced from maize and sugarcane ,maize emits 18%less CO2 where as from sugarcane reduce about 91%less CO2(Goldemberg, 2007).the world 6%of land is used for cultivating crops, so bio-fuels results pri ce of crops increased(FAO, 2007).but not all bio-fuels have same impact on prices of food ,the ethanol produced from sugar in brazil have no impact on sugar prices (Goldemberg, 2007).The larger amount of ethanol is exported from southern hemisphere countries like brazil, which has good agricultural resources like land and climatic conditions suitable for sugar cane used for ethanol production(Mathews, 2007),so production from sugarcane decrease deforestation( Searchinger et al. (2008)). The use of bio-fuels decreases pollution, deforestation and also no effect on the price of crops. Case study about Biodiesel from microalgae According to the articles biodiesel is also produced micro algae .Micro algae are driven from sunlight cell that is used for the production bio-fuels, foods by utilization of carbon dioxide (Walter et al., 2005), it produces different types of renewable fuels. micro algae can be obtained from hydro carbons, lipids (Banerjee et al., 2002; Metzger and Largeau, 2005; Guschina and Harwood, 2006), Methane is produced from algal biomass by algal digestion (Spolaore et al 2005).biodiesel from liquid algal biomass (Gavrilescuand Chisti, 2005) algal biomass can be produced majorly by two process raceway pond and photo synthesis bio reactor; the raceway ponds is 0.3m diameter circular pounds having pure water is used for biomass production and in photosynthetic bioreactor production consist of an array of glass or transparent plastic tubes and photo bioreactor is used for capture of sunlight and it produce more biomass as compare to the race pound in a hectare. The us government is sponsorin g for the study of biomass production of race way pond (Sheehan et al., 1998), fuels produced from the algae government kept regulations such as ASTM bio diesel standard6751(Knothe, 2006) and EU have certain standards for biodiesel used for transportation such as STANDARD EN 14214 and STANDARD EN 14213(Knothe, 2006).the cost of production by photosynthetic bio reachtor is cheap compare to race way pound and the cost of biomass per kg is $2.9 to$3.5(Humphreys, 1991; Molina,Grima et al., 2003). So production cost can be decreased by using genetically modified and photo engineering technologies, so production of biodiesel from micro algae can be used as alternative for fossil fuels. Comparison; Both the cases are related to production of biofuel in terms of economical and environmental factors, In the case about ethanol from and biodiesel from algae are used for the substitute for the fossil fuels. Majorly Brazil is using sugar cane for the ethanol production (Goldemberg, 2007)where as now US is developing technology for the production biodiesel from biomass(Sheehan et al., 1998).Ethanol and biodiesel reduce sulphur dioxide .ethanol from sugar cane decrease deforestation and in the case of bio diesel from algae produced from waste water treatment such as photosynthetic bioreactor and race way ponds, brazil have favorable climate for the production of sugar and for the algae is suite for all types of climates and mainly from waste water but it is in experimental level and no company producing from algae, Ethanol produced from the sugar cane decrease 91%of co2(Goldemberg, 2007), But biodiesel production from biomass by use of co 2 which is produced by power plants using fossil fuels(Sawayama et al., 1995; Yun et al., 1997). Ethanol production leading to the deforestation but in the case of biomass production only by sunlight and water, ethanol produced from sugar cane economically efficient but in case of production of biodiesel it is very costlier. Bio fuel from crops has negative effect like food prices. Ethanol produced from sugar is used as gasoline and methane is produced from biomass .ethanol can be produced by Conclusion There are many benefits for the environment, economy and consumers in using bio-fuels. Bio-oil can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels to generate heat, power and/or chemicals. Bio-fuels are made from biomass through thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis, gasification, liquefaction and supercritical fluid extraction or biochemical processes. Biochemical conversion of biomass is completed through alcoholic fermentation to produce liquid fuels and anaerobic digestion or fermentation to produce biogas. In wood derived pyrolysis oil, specific oxygenated compounds are present in relatively large amounts. Basically, the recovery of pure compounds from the complex bio-oil is technically feasible but probably economically unattractive because of the high costs for recovery of the chemical and its low concentration in the oil. Ethanol, bio-diesel and bio-gas are the most useful fuels from agricultural sources. Ethanol demand is expected to more than double in the next ten ye ars. For the supply to be available to meet this demand, new technologies must be moved from the laboratories to commercial reality. The world ethanol production is about 60% by feedstock from sugar crops. Most of the bio-diesel that is currently made uses soybean oil, methanol and an alkaline catalyst. The high value of soybean oil as a food product makes production of a cost effective fuel very challenging. However, there are large amounts of low cost oils and fats such as restaurant waste and animal fats that could be converted to bio-diesel.

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Louisa May Alcott in My Contraband Essay - 1725 Words

Louisa May Alcott in My Contraband Louisa May Alcott is an American Novelist best known as the author of the novel â€Å"Little Women†. Louisa was born in November 1982, grew up in Germantown- Washington D.C and was known to be an abolitionist, feminist and also a naturalist. Being a naturalist meant that she believed that nothing existed beyond the natural earth i.e. no such thing as spirituality or the supernatural. Her family suffered from financial difficulties and so Alcott had to work to support her family in an early age. She penned the story â€Å"My Contraband† (1869) which was formerly known as â€Å"The Brothers† (1863). Contraband was a black slave who escaped to or was brought within union lines (Alcott 759). In â€Å"My Contraband†, Louisa†¦show more content†¦Half amazed; but I was satisfied, and said no more† (Alcott 769). The sad thing is he took Lucy away forcefully, but not because he loved her, he just wanted to be wicked to Robert. From every indication he did not need her or love her, but all he was interested in was destroying Robert’s life. More to that, there is one last wicked act Marster Ned commits at the end of the story: Robert’s friend narrates to Miss Dane how Robert died, he said Marster Ned and Robert went at each other at the war front and he saw Marster Ned get the sword straight through Robert (Alcott 771). From the quotes above, one can deduce that Marster Ned was a forceful and brutal beast. He did not care or have feelings for how the other party felt. This kind of treatment despite being horrible and brutal, depicts the actual social treatment towards minorities. Apart from just the antagonist’s behaviors, there is much passion in the text. Another characteristic the author uses to portray the racial discrimination during this era was Passion. The author uses passion to show that despite the treatment towards Robert he was no less of a human. Passion was as evident throughout our text as our narrator narrates both on her side and Robert’s. From her words â€Å"Feeling decidedly more interest in the black man than in the white, I glanced furtively at him as I scattered chloride of lime. I had seen much contraband, butShow MoreRelated`` My Contraband `` By Louisa May Alcott1850 Words   |  8 PagesLouisa May Alcott’s â€Å"My Contraband† explores the controversial aspects of gender roles, interracial relationships, sexual desires, and political imagination during the climax of the American Civil War. Alcott’s viewpoint and argument is framed by utilizing main characters that would have been considered stereotypically inferior peoples at the time: Faith Dane (a female nurse) and Robert (a mixed â€Å"mulatto† and freed slave). The author daringly challenges views held by a majority of the U.S. populationRead MoreLittle Women, By Louisa May Alcott866 Words   |  4 PagesLouisa May Alcott was born and raised in Massachusetts from a financially struggling family, which will soon change due to Louisa’s writing talents. Louisa was homeschooled the majority of her childhood, which sparked her writing career. Many of her life experiences influenced her writing but the main one, that got her started, was her father, Amos Bronson Alcott, a philosopher and teacher. As she grew older, she befriended abolitionists, she soon becomes a part of, which greatly influence her laterRead MoreWomen Of The Civil War1329 Words   |  6 Pageshardships. Women were forced to continue their work load while taking on the responsibilities of husbands, fathers, and sons. Union troops often took the male slaves leaving women and children to fend for themselves. Many were f orced to live in â€Å"contraband camps† that were overly crowded. Shelter was not sufficient, needed supplies were not available, and abuse was often experienced from the soldiers. Women and children were often given the opportunity to learn to read and write. In addition, schools